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Manon. 21, French, living abroad. (bonus: FUN) / INFJ.
I have lost and loved and won and cried myself to the person I am today.
-Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps  (via thatkindofwoman)

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Cinnamon Rolls  - Tasty Yummies

Harwich, The Low Lighthouse and Beacon Hill (detail); by John Constable
When I am with you, there is nowhere else I’d rather be. And I am a person who always wants to be somewhere else.
-David Levithan, How They Met, and Other Stories (via letsalwaysgolightly)

Oh my…

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Gertrude Hubbell, Ruth Peters and Mildred Grimwood, hiking their skirts at the shoreline of the beach in Averne, Queens, New York, NY photo by Wallace G. Levison, September 8, 1897

Monica Denevan